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Handcrafted Digital Designs. Work closely with me, Reagan Weiss, a professional artist, to create Your one-of-a-kind works of art! Let me help you create original and eye catching designs for your business, tee-shirts, stationary, and more!


      The Process is Easy!
Step 1.    Email a detailed description of your order with photograph. Discuss options with me directly to design the perfect piece!
Step 2.   Based on your unique design, I will hand craft your custom piece of art, providing updates throughout the entire process.
Step 3.   ​Your custom artwork is sent right to you ready to use!


Format:        jpg   and/or   png
Color:           RGB list available upon request
Branding:   3-6 versions


For more customization options please visit

Digital Logo, (3-6) multiple version pack

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